“A Beautiful Day Tomorrow: Taking Suicide Awareness on the Road” is a 59-minute, professionally-edited documentary film that chronicles suicide awareness advocate Gabriel Nathan’s 1100 mile journey in his Herbie the Love Bug replica, emblazoned with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s number. In May of 2019, Gabe and Herbie traveled up and down the East Coast, with four GoPro cameras mounted to the car, collecting stories of suicide loss and attempt survivors, in an effort to decrease the stigma associated with suicide and to spread awareness and a message of hope to all they encountered.

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With the world turned on its head right now and so many people are experiencing physical isolation and, perhaps, an increase in hopelessness, this film is needed perhaps now more than ever. So, we are pleased to present “A Beautiful Day Tomorrow: Taking Suicide Awareness on the Road” in its entirety here:

What does Herbie have to do with suicide prevention?

Watch this clip from Disney’s 1969 “The Love Bug” and find out.

Here’s what they’re saying about “A Beautiful Day Tomorrow”

“A great job. Wonderful editing and long shots are fantastic. Gabe is gifted in so many ways and Herbie is lucky to have him as his partner.”

Frank Campbell Ph.D., LCSW, C.T.
Campbell & Associates Consulting, LLC
Executive Director Emeritus,
Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center,
National Suicidology Training Center (NSTC)

“What a beautiful film. I’m just incredibly moved and impressed in many, many ways.”

David Beckmann, MD, MPH

“For me, one of the gifts of your presentation was that you were able to make complex content so accessible without minimizing it – and narratives are what make that so possible… I was focused on the willingness of so many to share their stories, to bring suicide out of the closet where shame and fears of the repercussions of exposure have kept it for so long.”

Marcia L. Martin, LSW, PhD, ‘8 Dean Emeritus
Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR

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Special Thanks to…

The Ivywood Fund, The Community Foundation of New Jersey, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, FreshFly Films, Bud Clayman, The Reel Mind Film Festival, Frank Campbell, Kris Kelly, Raj Shah, Efraim Nathan, Stephanie Rodigas, Charles Richter, Erin Stair, AnnMarie Otis, Sonny Provetto, Hayes and Ashley Johnson, Mary Humphrey, Eeka Thaxton, Craig’s VW Repair – Colchester, VT, Gene’s Foreign Car Service – Broomall, PA, Sunshine Aircooled – Sarasota, FL, and everyone else who helped me, Herbie, and/or this film in some way or other. You’re all wonderful.

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